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controversial - who was infected in an open relationship? (or by cheating)

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Matty the Damned:

--- Quote from: DingoBoi on June 17, 2006, 01:09:31 AM ---i appreciate your response matty, but this is not the thread for attempted humor.... which failed.  (which i am learning also)

--- End quote ---

It wasn't an attempt at humour. It's my quite seriously considered position on the first part of your original thread. The other bit, I'll post later.

When it suits me.


don't bother matty.  this discussion is for grown ups.  please do not sidetrack or derail this serious topic.

Since im HIV- i wasnt infected by my hubbys cheating. But to be cheated on has to be the most painful thing i have gone thru. THe pain is almost unbearable. This is the man that is suppose to love me. How can u say u love someone then do that too them. To say it was just for the sex is the biggest cop out there is. I dont understand it either. And im trying to the best i can. To find out 1 week hes HIV+ and then find out 2 weeks later that he cheated on you. Thats alot to deal with at once.

Will be interested in the replies of the ones that cheated.


well, i'll be the first to state why i cheated on my boyfriend who i dearly and truly loved.

it's only fair since i started this I started this thread.

I'm an addict.  an emotional addict.    I had dated him for 2.5 years.  I loved him dearly, but he emotionally ignored me very much towards the end of our relationship.    Which he had always done, just not as badly.

I'm a very emotional person when it comes to relationships and believe in committment when one gives themselves to another person.

he became detached... probably because he was planning on breaking up with me anyways.... over a course of a few months.

I just wanted somebody there... some form of intimacy.... sex was the wrong way to go about it.. but it is what it is.   I had a sliver of connection with somebody and that dulled the pain i was feeling.   Some might think  that's a highly romanticized version of 'i was drunk off my ass at the bar and blew somebody in the bathroom'..

which also would be an accurate statement.... but the reason behind why i blew that guy in the bathroom is much more complex.... perhaps more complex than some people can ascertain.

the difference being.. even drunk off my ass i wouldn'tve blown anybody except my b/f if he was meeting my emotional needs.

Why didn't you break up with him before the bathroom thingy? I mean you said in your first post that cheaters disgust you???


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