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controversial - who was infected in an open relationship? (or by cheating)

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Yes, I know this topic is highly controversial.. and I have my own issues with it which I'll state now.

I detest open relationships and cheaters disgust me even more.

Ok.. now that THAT is out of the way (and yes i'm still bitter), let's talk about this.

Participation is purely voluntary.  I don't require anyone to post here if they are uncomfortable doing so.

Maybe you can educate me on why you needed/wanted to cheat.

I do think sometimes 'morals' are lacking in the gay community especially.  The fuck anything, anytime attitude just, well, makes me want to vomit.

I'm not all high and mighty mind you.  I cheated on my first b/f of 2.5 years, but only for emotional gratification.   I loved him, but I needed someone there, sex was the wrong way to go about it, but it gave me a dose to the drug I craved most:   (artificial) intimacy.

for reference, I believe i was infected by a random trick while unattached.

Some of this post comes from the fact that I want a b/f so badly, a true real relationship... I don't understand why people are in a relationship if they want to fuck around...and I don't want to be fucked around on.

For me, if you are dating me and want to fuck somebody else, that's fine... but break up with me first.

your opinions or thoughts?

Hey Bailey,

I think pretty much the same as you do on this.  I was lead to believe my first (an ex partner) of 13 years started cheating after about 5 years in, though he recently told me it was from day one.  How nice I thought, but better late in telling me than never.

I don't think my current partner (or what ever he is right now) has cheated, then again, he does like to omit the truth sometimes, so you never know.

I pretty much detest cheating, it's not something I do, and I'm happiest in a monogamous relationship, especially one where feelings aren't so one sided.  I wasn't infected by a cheating partner, I was infected by some reckless behaviour inbetween partners of my own design.


i'm gonna qualify this thread by posting again :P  merely to raise my post count..

.. but also to state that this is not a thread to bash people in.   I don't like that things like this occur but they do and I want to understand more about why.

I stated a strong opinion, and I don't want to scare people off from responding because of t hat.  

Understanding is the next step to resolution.

Bailey (who still deeply wonders why his ex b/f couldn't give him the emotional love he needed)

Matty the Damned:
Monogamy is for limp wristed lesbigay moderate hetero-wannabe's. True Queers delight and revel in slutty open relationships.

(Who has spoken)

i appreciate your response matty, but this is not the thread for attempted humor.... which failed.  (which i am learning also)


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