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Greetings from North Carolina

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Hi folks,

After a dubious start in the forum, I would like to introduce myself.  I am a 47 year-old single gay man living in Durham, North Carolina.  I worked at Burroughs Wellcome from 1981 until 1994, in clinical computing, and helped develop AZT for the AIDS indication.  In 1985, I learned that I, too, was HIV+.  Because of my scientific background, and because of the evidence of decreased mortality since the advent of newer classes of HIV/AIDS drugs, I firmly believe in the current models of HIV infection as the cause of AIDS.  I left work to die in 1994, and was saved by the protease inhibitors.  I then suffered through a significant bout of Lazarus Syndrome that has been lifted by a new self-definition as a advocate/activist for those of us living with HIV and AIDS.

I am a blogger who is open with my health status and use my real name in a red state.  It takes courage, some say, to do that.  Actually, I see it as living genuinely or not living well. I do not let anyone assign shame and blame to me.  I have an illness.  They might have an issue, but not me.

My viral load is consistently undetectible, but my cd4 counts tend to remain moderately low and fluctuate between 350 and 550.  I have been very lucky, especially since I have lost about a dozen close friends over the years.

Anyway, if any of you have any questions about me or what I am about, feel free to ask.

Ron Hudson

You sound strong confident and grounded................I am glad that you have joined the forum.  I believe you will be a valuable asset and friend to us all!



Hi Ron

And welcome to the forums.  Not sure what you meant in your reference to dubious start, but you've found the best place in the cyber world for those of us that are HIV+.


Hi Ron

Welcome to the family...I enjoyed reading your post and I agree with Lisa, your strength and attitude speaks volumes...I look forward to hearing more from you.


Heya welcome! You had a dubious start? If I missed anything particularly scandalous, I'll hate myself.


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