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Hi everyone,

 i have a question. what is the generation of rapid tests available today? i have read this forum and seen Orasure and Serodia so far. i may be obssessing but just want to ask what generation they belong to and how generations matter when it comes to reliable results. what technology do they use?

4th gen elisas are said to be reliable by 6 weeks. how about for rapid tests? do 13 weeks cover all types of test? and all generations?

curious and a bit anxious. took a rapid test, neither Orasure/Serodia, i forgot the test kit used for me but it was a rapid serum based test. im tested exactly at 13 weeks = 91 days. i was negative but still presenting symptoms.

Thank you all!

Matty the Damned:

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The generation of tests used today is really not the concern of mere mortals. What you need to focus on is the risk you've had and following on from that whether or not you should test at all. Such information can be gleaned from perusing our friendly Welcome Thread which will answer all your questions. The window period is generally 12-13 weeks no matter what generation test may be used. The exception of course is in the American state of Masachussetts, where 6 weeks is the standard because they use a 4th generation test.

Now, you tested at 13 weeks and tested negative. Irrespective of any symptoms you don't need to worry about HIV. Symptoms mean nothing when it comes to diagnosing HIV infection. You are reliably negative.




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You have tested conclusively negative for a non-risk incident that took place seven months ago. You are hiv negative.

You are also banned from these forums for creating multiple accounts, despite being warned. Just because you ignored the warning doesn't mean you can get away with it.   



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