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need a little advice....please!


I have been on meds for almost a year now with Kaletra and Combivar. My partner has just started the Sustiva and Truvada combo. I know that meds effect people different but he has said he is dizzy, tired and sick feeling like a head ache. He has been on the meds for only 8 days.
I remember feeling some of the same when I started my meds but not enough to not work or continue with my day.
What is your story on these meds. I am a little paniced for him and our house hold since he needs to work for his insurance and house hold expenses. Slightly over the edge and feeling like I am going to have to pick up the pieces here. I know this sounds self serving and selfish but it is not the case. I care for him and am concerned about OUR well being.

It's the Sustiva and it lessens after 2 weeks.  Don't worry about the employment situation, more than likely he will get used to the effects of Sustiva and it won't bother him too much.  But if it does, there are always other treatment options available for him to switch to.

My boyfriend complained of the same thing, (and from time to time still complains if he takes Sustiva on a full stomach), but after the first bad week the regimen has been okay for him.  He has not missed any days due to HIV/drugs, so you guys should wait it out a few more days and see how things are.

- Cliff

I'm on the Epzicom Reyataz combo. If the problems persist, have him make an appointment with his doctor to see if his doctor can put him on a different set of meds.

Thank you all, My meds balanced out after a couple of weeks and this is what I tell him. Appreciate the feed back I know it is all going to be ok.

Hi Jeff:

I agree with Cliff, the most likely culprit here is the darn Sustiva (gawd how I hated taking that drug!).  The initial side effects you say your partner is having are not unusual and will most likely diminish. 



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