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Thank you Minh -important message for all


Hi everyone

It's been an exciting day for me and Zephyr here at the NIH in Bethesda. There are so many thoughts and info running around in my head but I had to take a moment to say something important.

We have a wonderful family member here at AM. Minh has been heroic these past several day for me and Zephyr. He has been a guide, consul, friend and confidant. His kindness, good nature, wisdom and humor have been a sustaining force throughout our visit. He has introduced us to some of his friends who have elegantly reflected these same wonderful qualities. I have learned of a new calm within as shown to me by Minh.

He is a man whose empathy towards others sees no bounds. In this life we come across few special, truly special people. Minh is one of these people.
I am blessed that through Aids Meds I have found a new friend.

Thank you Minh

I'm glad he has been there for you guys.  That is very sweet of him.

Thanks Paul, you're an absolute sweet heart and I thank you for your awesome compliments. I've hope this trip will be as memorable to you as it has been to me, and I look forward to our next meeting when you're back here in Bethesda. You have brought a lot of excitement and anticipation in the last few days in my life, and I find your character and your outlook on life to be a breath of fresh air and you have certainly taught me the important lesson of enjoying life. As I opened my home up to Zephyr, I want to open it up to you and Wade as well. Rest well and we will have a fabulous out-on-the town adventure in Dupont Circle and the US Botanic Garden in DC in the morning, followed by a wonderful BBQ in the evening.

Minh is the embodiment of true beauty, both physically and spiritually.

YOu are truly blessed to have met him. 

We are truly blessed to have him with us.


Minh you have a beautiful soul ,glad its turning out to be such a rewarding experinece and thankyou for making us part of it too,

love to you all,




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