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The third time's the charm

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I went and had my blood draw today for the LTNP study.  Since I was already there we decided to do the draw for my regular tests instead of me coming back in less than 2 weeks.  So, altogether, they took 14 tubes of blood.   :P

It became very obvious to me that my NP doesn't do venipuncture very often.   ::)   She ended up sticking me three times before she got a good flow going.  The first two only gave her a trickle even though they are good veins.  As she proceeded to do the first she explained to me she normally doesn't like to stick the vein she was doing because of the nerve that lies behind it.  She said you can't tell if you hit it or not but if you do it can make you feel nauseous and faint.  Well, needless to say... she hit it.  I started getting a bit queasy.  Then nauseous.  Then I started getting clammy.  I had to lie down.   :P   She said it was the same nerve as the 'funny bone'.  I didn't find it very humorous.  :-\

She tried a second vein but it didn't want to cooperate so she decided to wait a bit and do her other stuff; poking and prodding and listening to my innards; then she went for the back of the hand.  BINGO!  By then I felt alright again so it was no biggie.  She was afraid it wouldn't last long enough to get all the tubes but it held out.

Now I can only imagine what my poor arm is gonna look like in a day or two.   :-\

That was my adventure for the day.    ;) :D

Poor veins...I think all of us will end up with a vein "condition"  :'(

What a day you've had  :(

I hate when they don't seem to know how to draw blood. My husband will avoid this one nurse every time we go to the lab.

Relax tonight and enjoy your weekend ;D

Ack sorry to hear about the bad experience.

With allthe track marks you are gonna have, people will think you are dating Kate Moss :)

LOL, Jonathan   :D

Nadine, I was about ready to tell her to go get one of the nurses to do it.  A couple of them are really good at it.  The best is at my PCP's office.  She can stick you and be done and you don't even know it.  :o


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