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My first lab tests!! I am freaking out

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Dear all,

How are you doing? well my first set of LAB tests are here and honestly they don't look really promissing. What do you think? I have a meeting with my Doctor tonight so don't know what he will tell me but I need your feedback too.


LYMPHOCYTES                                           29%     1595 CELL/uL
CD4+ T LYMPHOCYTES (CD4+, CD3+)                       245 CELL/uL
CD8+ T LYMPHOCYTES (CD8+, CD3+)                       1011 CELL/uL

CD4+         =      15.36%
CD8+         =      63.4%
CD4/CD8   =      0.24

What do you think? I mean I am newly infected, is it normal that my CD4 are 245? and my CD4 % is 15.36% please I need your feedback

Your numbers would suggest starting treatment to me, but others will say wait and see what the trend is.  I've read it here often that recently infected people have high viral loads that eventually taper off to some level, so the CD4 would seem to be the one for concern.  Below 350, start meds seems to be the new mantra.  Good luck!

My numbers were 17,000/384 and he wants me to start meds. Others have advised me to discuss waiting for another set of labs. Need to discuss that with him

You're numbers are shaky, are you sure you've been recently infected?  Could it not be an older infection?  You could wait a month and test again and see if they bounce back.  But you're kniocking on trouble's door right now.  You may need to start.  Is you doctor an HIV specialist?  If so and he is experienced, it may pay to listen.  Sorry the numbers came up crummy.  This disease definitely sucks, and not in a good way.

Whatever you do dont panic. I know its hard not to but take some deep breaths and wait until you talk to your doctor. ;)


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