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my question is much like others on this forum.  Here goes... I went to one of these porn theaters.  While there I masturbated another man.  I had a small nick on the backside of my index finger.  I have read that this poses a theoretical risk.  I do not think I got any semen on my finger.  Also, I used some hand sanitizer right after I was finished so as to make sure I could not have any infectious fluids on my hands.  My concern is that if there was a miniscule amount of semen I could have rubbed it into the nick on my finger causing infection.  Is this at all possible?  I am a married man and do feel some guilt over the episode.  My wife will be wanting to have sex soon and I don't want to be scared of that.  Does this even warrant testing??  I need to know if it is safe to have unprotected sex with her.  The incident occured 3 weeks ago today.  I have not had any symptoms other that a post nasal drip which I know is not an HIV symptom.  Please HELP!!!!

Thank you very much
In Fear ???

Andy Velez:
Fear, you can relax about this incident. HIV is a fragile virus and not easily transmitted. As you have noted, the risk was strictly theoretical.

In the real world of HIV this very common sexual activity has never been documented as a means of transmission, your nicks and such notwithstanding.

Take a breath and let it go. Guilt is just bad news in a relationship.

No testing necessary. Just get on with your life.


thanks Andy! 
I have called the local health dept STD/HIV information line and they said"No RISK as long as you had intact skin"  The fear comes from not having intact skin.  Is it your opinion that it is safe to haver sex with my wife?  That is the real issue.  I can deal with the guilt if I know that it is safe to be intimate with my wife.  Beleive me, I am never doing this again.  I ahve read many posts on here and the Transmission lessons but they don't really address handjobs.  Is that because they are safe?


Hope I am not being a pest

Andy Velez:
Yes, as far as I am concerned it IS safe for you to have sex with your wife.

If you haven't already done so, please read the lesson on Transmission on this site. There's a link to in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

I don't see any need for testing nor for further concern on your part.

Fear you ahve been given sound advice from Andy.  I would just like to concur with him, you did not have a risky incident. 

I personally would not test over this situation either.


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