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Morton Salt:
So i am from Canada.  I came to Los Angeles 15 years ago and never left.  I was married almost 2 years ago and now we are going to start the legal portion of making me legal here in the U.S.  We meet with our Immigration attorney tomorrow who does not know at this point that i am HIV+.  I do know that she has a list of doctors to choose from for the physical exam. Basically, she said that all they do is take blood and check for Communicable diseases.  Is HIV on the list of communicable diseases?  Will this not allow me to go ahead with getting my legal U.S status??  Does anyone have info on this??


The Canuck:

--- Quote ---Is HIV on the list of communicable diseases?
--- End quote ---

I'd bet this one is on the list but this is as far as I can go with your questions.

The Canuck

HIV positive is normally a condition that will keep you from getting US citizenship.

But as you have been living there for so long there might be ways out.

But an HIV test will definitely be done.


You will need to sign an HIV waiver which your lawyer should prepare for you. You need to be very honest with your lawyer so he can help you as best as possible--that is what you are paying him for! I know because I was in your situation and got my greencard, and am now applying for my US citizenship.

As mentioned by the others, you will be tested for HIV and normally will not be allowed to become a citizen if you are HIV positive.  However, there are exceptions and since you are getting married to an American, then I believe that qualifies as one of the exceptions.  But Angelina is correct, you need to be very open and honest with your attorney so that they can assist you in getting your citizenship with the least amount of hassle.


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