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Does anyone know if irritation of the urethra and slight discomfort after ejaculation are in anyway ever related to HIV? I did 3 weeks of antiobiotics for what dr called a possible mix infection, and the symptoms stills persist. I can\'t get back into see him for 3 weeks. I also have various muscle aches, usually in groin or thighs. Don\'t know if that is any sign of infection either. I\'m kinda guessing that if it was related to HIV they wouldn\'t come and go for about two months right? Just not sure since the lessons say muscle aches could be a sign. I had a sore throat too but that lasted for 2 days only, and just to mess with my head it came on day 22 which I hear talked about alot.

I\'m worried about testing because of these problems, I think I already know the answer. Would HIV spreading through out your body cause the aches? Hopefully that isn\'t a dumb question but it just came to mind.

Thanks guys.

Hollywood, HIV is not a guessing game. If you had a risk of exposure then you will need to test. Symptoms or lack of symptoms is no way to tell if you were infected. You will just have to test. What was the risk that you believed you had? That knowledge will help us better in answering your questions.

It was about 1 minute of unprotected oral (received) with sex worker. There seemed to be some kind of substance in the saliva. I noticed when I looked down, I wiped it with my sweater. I don\'t know if it was blood or maybe she ate something recently. I also have extremely dry skin just below the head. I should have thought about this earlier but I didn\'t realize there could be sores or cuts in her mouth that I could run into.

Now knowing the risk, can someone answer my first questions? I tried to search for the urethra problem and couldn\'t find it related in any way. As far as the aches go it is definately related but I\'m just unsure if HIV causes them to come and go for this long already. They usually last for 2-3 days then go away. All have been in hamstring, thigh, butt, and groin.

You were never at risk from receiving a blowjob.


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