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Anxious and Worried:
Does anyone know what generation test the OraQuick Rapid Advance Hiv 1/2 is? Any info would be very helpful and well as what sub types this picks up... I had a low risk oversees exposure and am anxious about my 11 1/2 week test results.  Please help.

The Advance is a relatively new test. It will pick up all known strains that you would be concern with. What is your concern over? Most tests don't go by generations. OraQuick Advance HIV 1/2 is a new test.

Anxious and Worried:
My concern is that it does not pick all known sub types - I was oversees and had extremely low risk exposure - I sucked on a strippers nipple a few times and it felt like some breast milk came out ( she had a young child ).  I have had some crazy things happening to my body the last three months that I have never felt before and need to put this to rest.  I want to make sure the test picks up all KNOWN sub types and is a 3rd or 4th generation test ( most accurate I believe ).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

End the worry here, you didn't have a risk at all.

Anxious and Worried:
How can you be so sure?


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