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Check out's NEW home page!

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I like it alot.   It makes me, as a member of this site, feel more 'integrated' and not just a bastard stepchild :P

The only thing that bothers me is the red aidsmeds link box in the upper right corner.

For some reason, the very bottom link 'Graph my Labs' is all scrunched and it looks like 'Graph my Lads"  The text is just weird in that link literally as if it is more compressed vertically than it should be.  And it depresses me, because if I did 'graph my lads'... it would be a total flatline :(

Maybe squished is a better word.  Of course, being on the bottom, one does tend to get squished a bit :)

Certainly not a big issue, but maybe one that's been overlooked.  It's always bugged me for some reason. 

Bailey (who on occasion does some designing and misses things right in front of his face) ... and who also wants aidsmeds to have a perfect face & link :P

Yeah, Cliff, thats my quote :) I was the only guy who did not see HIV as an affirmative life change. Maybe when I am a long timer I will have better perspective :)

but you met me through all of this jonathan!  oooh, wait... yer right.. scratch that  ::)

It just gets better and better.............

A Big Thumbs Up :)

yay, it's not squishied anymore :)


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