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Peter Staley:

Just click the POZ logo in the upper right corner of this page.

It now includes POZ Podium (kind of an op-ed area), Overheard in the Forums, and Friends of POZ, which highlights our bloggers.

For the record, I actually had nothing to do with the redesign.  However, I like it a lot.  It's a huge improvement over what they had before.

If you leave comments in this thread, I'll make sure those involved with the redesign see your feedback.


Oh  great. They used that quote from Living With.


Do I get some cash for that? I have a car repair due, and it cost two of Cliff's shirts.

The Canuck:
It looks great Peter !

Jonathan...perhaps we can ask Cliff to auction his shirt?...if a damn fool ( borrowed from Rab ) already paid $600.00 for it..I'm sure there's another one who'll give twice the amount... :-X

The Canuck

at least he should post a picture of "the shirt". It is fun wearing expensive clothes.
When Cliff wears "the shirt" he can always peruse the people around him and comfort himself in knowing that he is wearing the most expensive shirt of anyone in sight, and that can be fucking cool.
Or if someone fucks with you and you have "the shirt" on you can say, "what did you pay for your shirt or do you realize how much I paid for this shirt?"

I like all the new links and connections with Poz!


As probably one of the few forum members who has actually been in your car, you know the shirt is yours if it will help get the car fixed.  Sadly, I'm afraid that once they take a look at it, all they'll except is a free oil change in exchange for it.

BTW...this was the quote I saw made referenced to on this from you?

"If I was stranded, naked, in a strange country with no material possessions, no friends or family, no money, no way to speak the language, but with an intact immune system free from HIV, I would be the luckiest guy on earth." 

It sounds like you and yet it doesn't, at least not that very last bit.

Oh and don't forget to bone up on your Terms of Service, (Lord knows Newt started like 15 threads on it).  In the TOS, it clearly states, and in no uncertain terms, that you have sold your soul to the owners of Poz magazine...for free.


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