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Saving-converting video from youtube and xtube ... ?


Well this has me stumped. I figured out how to  save video from youtube using the Opera browser, cache folder and the .tmp files, changing .tmp to .flv and using a .flv player to play or converter (like SUPER) to convert to most anything. But then theres xtube. Those files in the Opera cache folder will play with a .flv player, but I have found nothing that will convert them.  I cant figure what they do or what encoder/decoder is being used. Dont know if anyone can help, but this is really stumping me.

Also, youtube video plays fine in Opera from the webpages, but xtube video does not play in OPera. The cache file is downloaded in the Opera cache folder anyway and playable with a stand alone flv player program (like FLV PLAYER 1.3.3). Really strange. How are they encoding these video files different from youtube???


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