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In a dark time tunnel of six weeks.

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I had sex with a HIV+ woman abt 2 weeks ago. Protected but condom slipped off upon withdrawal. Last week I started to feel pain in my joints (esp knees and fingers, sometimes wrists and elbows). I had a slight fever three times. The pain is annoying (coz never experienced before). Stressed!

Your pain is unrelated to HIV from this situation.

! Thanks for the quick reply.  I know that seroconvert is the cause of symptoms, and also that of antibodies. - Then how long after you have symtoms can antibodies be detected? Say, if I take a test now and get negative, can it rule out the posibility that the symtoms are related to HIV?

12/13 weeks when you get your conclusive test. Symptoms or lack of is not an indicator of HIV infection.

Saying symtpoms are not indicator is not relieving - rather, it frightened some worried wells like me. I just started to relate everything with HIV now.....

What I suspect is that symtoms will come all at once and concurrently. As joint pain may be the result of some high fever, etc. So does nightsweat.  So if you have nightsweat but no fever, it is because of anxiety but not seroconversion. [This is truely relieving if true].  But if you say, you should disregard symtoms. I can't. ......

Joint pain comes from nowhere - I haven't experienced it before. How can I not related it to HIV since it happened at such a right time? Not to mention that the woman is HIV+!  I had fever sometimes (now my tempereture comes up to 37.4). ...


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