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So, I found this in my newspaper today.

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Baseball-bat beating victim Raul Vazquez Jr. ended up in prison because he pricked a family member Tuesday with hypodermic needles possibly infected with HIV, police said. The family member told police she was worried because Vazquez is HIV-positive and stuck her with the needles as he tried jamming them into her pocket. Vazquez did not press charges over the beating.

I'm not even sure how to comment on this.  :-\
I want to move away from here.

hey, mouse-king  :)

so let me get this straight...this guy gets beaten up by a family member, and doesn't press charges...and then gets sent to prison anyway for intentionally(?) jabbing someone (presumably whoever took a bat to him in the first place?) with a hypodermic which may or may not have had his blood on it??

oy vay, i'm confused  :-\

whatever happened, it doesn't sound right to me.



Damn right it doesn't sound right - it would be rare in the extreme for hiv to be transmitted this way. Sharing needles is one thing, getting pricked with one that hasn't been used immediately beforehand is a whole nuther kettle of fish.

And we wonder why we get so many needle prick questions in the other forum. What else do we expect when the so-called "authorities" don't even know the facts?



Sounds to me that someone is trying hard to get rid of this guy...obviously the base-ball bat incident didn't work.....I'm assuming that they were not used if he was trying to put them into her pocket don't you think they would have been capped....yep, it definately sounds like they want this guy out of the way way or another.

Jan :)

It bothers me. A lot. Because if that is how the police work around here, what if someone gets a grudge against me? How easy is it to play up on some myth about transmission?   ???


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