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I had an exposure 1 1/2 years ago (rape). I had a test at 8 weeks (negative) and I just had one at a womens center, with the results yesterday. It was a mouth swab (negative), however I've always heard that the blood test is best. I just want to know if I should get another blood test or not. I'm thinking no because it's been so long. I've just worried myself to death about this and have had numerous heath problems since all of this happened. I do beleive it is stress, and have made a dr's appiontment for feb 26th for a full phisycal. I just wanted to get your opinions. I have been reading this site for about the last 7 months. Thanks for any response. 

You don't need any further testing you are conclusively negative.

OK, thank you. I fell that as well, but I guess I just wanted to hear it from you guys. This whole thing has really hurt my spirit, heart, and soul. I am set for counseling and hope that will help with my mental health. This site has helped me tremendously during these hard times and I love all that you do. Thank you, and I wish you all well. I truly believe nobody deserves to have to go through the pain of this disease. It's not fair. I hope for a cure sometime very soon. 

I'm glad that you were able to qet some relief. If you haven't read the transmission lessons please do so. You can find the link by going to the "Welcome" thread. Always protect yourself and others. USE CONDOMS..

Yes, I've read so much from this website. It was all a great help; and although I've been engaged for quite some time now I have also been celabate for a very long time as well. (poor guy). God willing I will never be put in this situation again. I know life is not garunteed from one day to the next regardless, but life was not worth it in the pain i've been living. So I know the mind is a very powerful tool, and I've made myself sick with my own thoughts. But thanks to this experience I am not afraid of what will happen to me once this hard lifetime ends, because when this life ends, no matter how that may happen, I will be Ok. And so will you. I love you all. Thanks for your help.


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