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Seeing Red


Don't know what it is but my dog Judd just doesn't like the color red.  We have several bird feeders and houses in the backyard that attract a wide variety of birds.  Judd only barks and chases the cardinals and the red headed woodpeckers.  The yellow finches,wrens and morning doves can be on the deck with him and they don't bother him at all  :)

hope nobody shows up @ your house in red pants! ouch!

Jeff....I know Bulls will charge at anything RED but I understand dogs and cats are color blind...
Maybe he doesn't like the way they chirp... :P

Do you ever wear a red shirt or shorts or whatever? :o

Maybe my dog was a bull in a past life :)

water duck:

Try putting something red with his food, like carrot or red peppers, maybe , next time  judd would do something else  ;) ;) :D



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