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Can early infection of HIV fail syphilis treament?



After a possiblie exposure(read my previous post at: I was confirmed of having infected by syphilis as my VDRL test came back reactive with 1:16 titre. My anti HIV test EIA method came back -ve while Hep B surface antigen also came back -ve. The TPHA test also came back +ve confirming i'm infected with syphilis. This was in week 5.

After that I took treatment for syphilis. My doctor said it's going to be a month treatment. First he gave me a Penicillin jab and some medication for 2weeks. During the 2 weeks i had tinglish feeling on and off muscle & joint pain. I got mouth ulser too.

After the 2 weeks I was given another Penicillin jab and somemore medication. My medication will end this monday(19 June 06) but I'm not seeing 6 Maculopapular type of rash which doesn't itch. I do have light tinglish feeling and also light muscle pain.

Now my question is:

Is it possible if I've coinfection of HIV & syphilis? Is possible because of that my syphilis treatment failed?
Can early infection of HIV fail syphilis treament?

I know this is HIV forum, thats why I'm asking you'll can HIV infection get the syphilis treatment to fail thats why i'm still getting the rash. or is it just the rash is normal n will go away? Please someone help me.


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