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If you just recently tested positive, what would connect you to healthcare?


You've got the knowledge of your hiv infection and now need to get a connection to healthcare for it.  As someone on Cape Cod trying to find the gaps here, which will be true anywhere, when you got your results, were you somewhere which could offer you healthcare for hiv?  Did you, will you have to figure that out?  Have you found the connection difficult?  Is it because of health insurance (or the lack of it), costs, confidentiality concerns, feeling overwhelmed by everything, the location of healthcare facilities and/or other issues?  If someone had given you a packet of things when you tested positive, what should have been in it?  A book, pamphlet?  Names and addresses of healthcare providers?  Names of someone who is also hiv positive with whom you could talk?  Websites such as this one?  The contact info. for your nearest aids service organisation?  Post whatever comes to mind and/or p.m. me if that is easier for you.  Thanks! Win


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