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oral sex and 4 weeks


I am a female and gave a male oral sex. I believe that i read the risk is 1 of 10,000 of an infected person. however, i do not know the hiv status of the male i performed oral to. He was also uncircumsized. Does that change the statistic? I also read that cuts in the mouth increase your risk. I remember feeling a little pain in my mouth earlier that day, possibly i had a sore or cut. We had protected vaginal intercourse.

Now it is EXACTLY 4 weeks later and I have a sore throat, cough, and yellow mucus. I know you cant diagnose with symptoms - but does HIV ARS produce mucus? Or does my sickness seem like respiratory infection?

Besides testing to put my mind to ease, is this a high enough risk to get tested for?

Giving a blow job is a theoretical risk.  Some have claimed it happens but it has not been proven.  The serodiscordant couple studies PROVED that as long as you are protected during intercourse you will not transmit the virus by oral copulation of either party. 

Him being uncircumsized has no effect on the theoretical risk.  I would NOT test over this incident at all.  It sounds way more like the flu or a cold.  And only a Dr can tell you which one for sure.

Bottom line is I would not test, NO.

Andy Velez:
Star, it's excellent to read that a condom was used for intercourse. That is absolutely crucial in terms of preventing HIV transmission. Make sure that everytime and whomever you are with, the guy is always without exception wearing a condom.

Now as to your current concern. As AC has indicated there is very little beyond anectdotal evidence to support giving a blowjob to be a genuine risk for HIV transmission, expecially if ejaculation did not take place. There is much more evidence to support it not being a risk, particularly through longterm studies of sero-discordant couples who have lots of protected intercourse and much unprotected oral. The results were that not a single sero-negative partner became infected.

So it comes down to what level of risk you are comfortable with.

Uncircumcised guys are more susceptible to becoming infected from unprotected sex through the skin inside the foreskin.
The most important thing sexually regarding HIV is the consistent use of condoms. By always using them you don't have to worry about your partner's HIV status.



you seem really educated on this. I have been tested before - but I would not consider myself very sexually active. I rarely have sexual encounters. I have been tested since my last encounter - but not this one. Is it extremely necessary to test after this one? Like i said - besides for my piece of mind.


Andy Velez:
No, I would not consider that incident one which would indicate you should get tested for HIV.

As you have noted, it's really a matter of whether you need to test and collect the inevitable negative result to give you peace of mind. So that's up to you.



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