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My baseline results


Well.I always am interested in others numbers so maybe these will be of some interest to others,cd-4=492,vl=21k,cd4 %=24%.   Im sure I was infected last November so Im hopeing Im rebounding up but wont know until 3 months.Im nervous about the viral load but I guess it could be worse. Im actually very worried about the hep-b coinfection more than anything right now.When I was diagnosed with the hep-b back in 1993 my doc assured me that the hep had cleared and I had nothing to worry about(I tried to get the vaccine but since already infected it was a waste of time he said).Now my doc says we will keep tabs on it but its not a problem now.That didnt  make me feel too good.Anyways I knew no matter what the doc said about the hep being not a problem there was a 1 in 4 chance of developing liver cancer even with it "clearing".So with hiv Im sure its even more of a risk.   If it was only hiv I would feel a whole lot better but when I start bombarding my liver with the hiv meds down the road Im wondering what the hep b virus will do,Is it dormant now and maybe rear its ugly head later?   I do feel lucky that the hep c came back negative.Oh well,will take it one day at a time I guess.

Well, as you know you need to get your blood drawn and tested a few more times to build up some trends.  Those numbers you posted look real good.  Nothing to worry about there.  You say you were exposed last Nov?  If these numbers keep up, it will be awhile before you start HAART.  I know very little about HEp B and the liver and HAART but since you're not starting the pills anytime soon, I would follow you Dr's advice and not worry about it.



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