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It's cold here in NZ..i hope this works

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in need of  warms hugs

Jan :-*

don't know why I can't get this into the main body of the post..any suggestions?

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Whew Jan!!!! You weren't kidding. Brrrrrr.
Sending chicken soup dreams, and hot cocoa thoughts your way. :)


Maybe you can get some of that lamb's wool or the alpalca to keep you warm....

I'd gladly give you some of my heat...tomorrow is forcast for 37'C (100').  right now, at 8p. it's 31'C (89'.)


(whose working on his audio and if when he gets it up and running he'll give you a buzz.  That'll warm the cockles.)

Oooo Jan that looks COOOOOLD....

Here's your "100 degrees warm" Alabama Hug...




Years ago I was given a book from this hot stud businessman That’s called “New Zealand a Celebration” by a Curry O’Neil and a few other people. What a beautiful country. I’m not one that cares much for traveling but if the opportunity ever arose for me to get to New Zealand, in a heart beat I'd go.

Toss another log on the fire have a hot toddy and think of all the people you have warmed with your kind words. Darn I think I’m getting C-Nile again/still.  ???



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