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Oral on a Leaky (precum) Penis

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I gave a guy oral sex last night. He did not know his HIV (or other STD) status when I asked him, but he said he didn't think he had anything. I know that he has swallowed loads in the past, and may have received unprotected anal sex.

When I was going down on him he suddenly grabbed my head and repeatedly pushed his penis into the back of my mouth very roughly, pummelling my uvula and tonsils. I'm concerned because I know the tonsils are a direct line into the lymphatic system. I tried to pull away but he had a strong grip. I don't think he realized that I was struggling. I finally pulled away and realized that his penis was very leaky with precum because I could taste it.

Today my throat is red and raw. It is only now starting to get sore, just over 24 hours later.

Please give me your honest opinion to determine my risk for HIV infection.

Thank you.

Saliva, inhibits HIV. Of course your throat will be red and sore, you gave the guy a blowjob.

Perhaps the most minimal possible risk. I wouldn't think to test over it, much less post to the forum. Oral sex appears to be a vanishingly small risk, as it has not, to date, been duplicated in quantifiable studies with serodiscordant partners.

Of course, there are a ton of other STDs which are passed through oral sex, so a twice-yearly STD panel, including an HIV test, is ALWAYS the responsible thing for a sexually active adult with multiple partners to do.

But I would hardly call that an HIV situation.

I do feel relieved. If anyone else has anything to add, I'd be glad to hear it.

Thank you both (and also thank you to your other colleagues who also answer questions) for your tireless efforts on this board. I know it must be sometimes difficult to answer the same questions over and over again.

I really appreciate what you do.


I agree with Jonathan - your risk was minimal at best.

However, while your sore throat could be simply caused by the rough blowjob, it could also be caused by one of the STIs like chlamydia or gonorrhea. It would be prudent of you to have your throat checked out for these if the sore throat persists for more than a day.

And while you don't really need to be tested for hiv over this, anyone who is sexually active should be having a full sexual health care check-up, including but not limited to hiv testing, at least once or twice a year and more often if unprotected intercourse occurs. If you aren't already having regular, routine check-ups, now is the time to start. As long as you make sure condoms are being used for intercourse, you can fully expect your routine hiv tests to return with negative results. Don't forget to always get checked for all the other sexually transmitted infections as well, because they are MUCH easier to transmit than hiv.

I remember you from your thread in the old forum. I hope you're feeling better now, and I hope you've checked out the links in my signature line and learned from them. It really is possible to enjoy your sexuality and avoid hiv infection at the same time.

And if you haven't already, please check out the Welcome Thread and follow the Lessons links found there.



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