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Hey guys, I'm not sure why I am posting this but I just feel like I really need to tell my story right now.

About 8 weeks ago I had an encounter with an Asian sw in an Asian country. It was protected vaginal, with soapy massage and mutual masturbation ( I had pretty terrible peeling on my hands). I have been worried about this encounter, however recently I have been paralysed with fear.

I realize symptoms don't always mean anything, however these just seem to conclusive for me to ignore.

Week 5 -  Generalized swelling of nodes in the neck, the chains up the side and under jaw. Slight sore throat. Looks like the start of a mild rash on arms and torso. Skin seems sensitive under arms and nipples. I think my groin nodes are also slightly swollen.

Week 6 - Tested negative, still have symptoms from Week 5

Week 7 - Swelling in neck gets larger/tender, sore throat

Week 7.5 - Heres the real kicker, headache, extreme fever for 2 days followed rash over abdomen and chest (fairly hard to see but there). Sore throat and enlarged nodes still tender. Saw doctor, prescribed antibiotics, he didn't see the rash since it came up after I saw him.

Week 8 (present) -I have been a few days on the antibiotics and they do seem to be helping. My neck is still swollen, fever has gone but the rash seems to remain.

The rash and fever are the obvious scary thing for me, I rarely get rashes and this one feels a bit prickly but not itchy at all. My Doctor still does not seem to be concerned that this is HIV (he didnít get to see the rash), I find it odd he wonít feel my other nodes in my body to see if they are swollen, or recommend some additional testing.

Do you think I should consult another DR?

Thanks for reading.

You are not at risk for HIV from this situation.  The doctor is right about that.  Protected sex is indeed protected and you certainly do not get HIV from masturbation or massages.  This is not an HIV situation.  Simple as that.  The only reason I would say to even test is simply for peace of mind--if seeing your negative result will help.  As for the doctor, it is up to you.  You won't get a different opinion--the same will still stand that it isn't HIV.

Andy Velez:
As long as you use a condom everytime for intercourse you are well protected. Condoms do the job very effectively whether you are with a professional or a civilian.

If your hands were irritated or peeling at the time of the incident that doesn't constitute a risk for transmission. If the condition developed afterwards that is something to sort out with your doctor. It is absolutely not in anyway suggestive of HIV infection.

Men often seem to worry more about having been with a sex worker. The important thing is that a condom was used. Condoms don't care whom you are with. They provide protection. Period.

I don't see any need for testing unless as Coffee suggested, you need the inevitable negative result to let go of this concern.



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