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Primary stage hiv rash?


I was just wondering what the rash that occurs in the primary stage of hiv looks like and where it would be?

Are you worried about an exposure?  If you have symptoms--such as a rash taht you are concerned about, go see your doctor.  And if you are worried about HIV, speculating on your rash will not help--the only thing that matters is the test.  A test is definitive 3 months post exposure.

Andy Velez:
It would be more helpful if you would tell us what your possible risk was which makes you think HIV is an issue for you.

Neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to know anything reliably about your HIV status.

The only certain way to know your status accurately is to get tested at 13 weeks past the most recent risky incident.

Please clarify if there is something more we should know. 


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