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Montreal AMG 2006 - August 16th Unofficial dinner & clubbing night

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The Canuck:
Hello everyone,

Since there will be several of us in Montreal on August 16th before the '' Official Gathering '' starts then we should make the best out of it.

#1 We can welcome the new arrivals at the hotel during the afternoon since we will know when they are scheduled to show up.

#2 Dinner : unless someone doesn't like Italian food I know a nice little unexpensive Italian restaurant ( outside the touristic circuit ) in the Latin Quarter. This is very good considering the prices and we can bring our own wine, which of course keeps the bills down.

#3 Clubbing night : We decide afterwards what type of bars we'd like to go ( strippers, standard gay bars, drag queen shows,etc..).

So far Cliff, Ric, Thom and I are interested..who else is ?  :-X

The Canuck

P.S. It is also possible to attend the dinner without going out clubbing afterwards or the other way around. This is only a proposal for a fun evening.

This works for me!!!!!  And Italian is perfect!  Thanks for the suggesting this.




I have to pick my friend Jen up from the airport on the 16th..she gets in about 9.30pm..but if everyone is still around, and if you let me know where you are going to end up we can maybe meet you all later in the evening...depending on how she feels after a long flight.

Jan :) there anyone else arriving at Doval airport around this time..or is it only us foreigners who come into this airport?

The Canuck:
Hi Jen,

It will be easy for some of us to let you know where we are going after dinner. I suppose we will be in the village anyway for clubbing so I can even go pick you up there ( don't want ya' to get lost ) if you ever decide to go out.


The Canuck

Thanks claude I can let you know for sure on the day..but if I know my Jen she will be ready to go and will be her first time in Canada, and only her second time outside of Australia.. and she won't want to lose a minute of it... :D

Jan :)


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