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should I worry? or am over sensitive?

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Hi, I have been reading this forum for the past few days, and I am amazed by how helpful and supportive people here are.

About 6 days ago, I had my first one night stand with a girl whom I don't know much, and we met through internet. We had a deep kiss and she gave me a blow job which I didn't ask for. After about 40 seconds, I realized there might be a risk for HIV infection, so I stopped her. She got very mad and left.

I know you guys may just say, okie, there is no risk. But you all know the "theoretical risk" and "documented risk", I keep worrying about the deep kiss even more about the blow job, since the health condition of my mouth is not so good. Every time I brush my teeth, I got some kind of serious bleeding, but it rarely bleeds if I don't brush. So this still makes me very worried. Especially when I learned there indeed is a case of HIV transmission through deep kiss reported by CNN in 1997, and this is the first and so far the only oral HIV infection case. The virus was in the blood contained in the saliva.

My worries are based on the assumption that she is HIV positive, however, her status is unknown. Well, actually it's 50% known. yea, I know it's confusing, but here is the story. The next day, I called her and urged her to do a HIV test. To my surprise, she asked me to pay her for the expense and I agreed (I didn't know the test was actually free). Then she came back one day later and showed me the Oraquick Rapid test report over the web camera as I requested, and the result was negative. I kept a record of the result with photos taken by the camera, and she didn't know. Then she asked $1,000 from me, and I refused (I would pay if she asked sth around 100). She closed the camera, and then sent me an Email saying the record is actually fake. I have no idea whether this is true, but the record itself doesn't look like fake. The easiest way to release myself is to check whether the report is real. I know it may not be legal if I do it as a person, but can at least some organizations like CDC go check it? The photo has her last name, control number, agency name, everything. If it's indeed fake, then the girl may conduct some crime, since this may not be the first time she does this for money: threat some one she may be HIV+, and ask money for a free test, and come back with a fake test result.

However, even if she was indeed negative, there was no guarantee that she didn't have unprotected sex in the past few weeks. As I recall, during our chat, she mentioned she didn't have any kind of sex in the past few months. But again, people lie about their sexual history.

thank you for reading my story, it's quite long. here is a short list of my questions:

1. I want to get over this thing asap, so I'm actually considering the PCR test. But why I have to wait to at least 28 days? If PCR detects the virus itself, couldn't it be done anytime? I learned from your website that it can be done within 24-72 hours right after the risky exposure. So why we have to wait for 28 days at least?

2. Does PCR ever yield a false negative test?

3. a negative PCR at 28 days later along with a negative Oraquick will let me get out of all these? or I still have to take another antibody test 3 months later?

4. where can I do a PCR in new york?

5. Should I call police about the potential crime? not only to check the result

thank you very much for sharing your opinions and your time!!!

I've never heard of this so-called documented case of HIV transmitted through deep kissing, and I don't buy it.  You had no risk for HIV from the events you described, so I would not worry in the least about where to get a PCR test in NY.  Really, can get over your worries a lot cheaper and quicker if you just read through the Welcome Section here and the Lessons about HIV transmission.  Frankly, I'd be much more concerned about freak woman over there that is trying to play on your anxieties about HIV to soak you for $1,000.  You'll be fine as soon as you cut her loose from your life.

Call the cops, yeah go ahead they'll laugh at you. You might even get a ticket for being a John. You are the one that ask her to do the test and you backed out after she told you how much. There was no reason to involve her in the first place. PCR RNA can be done after 1 week. A P24 has to be done within 3 weeks of possible exposure and the ELISA can be done at 6 weeks with a conclusive test at 13 weeks.

edited to make a correction in PCR RNA testing time line.

I must have misread the initial post.  Anyway...I did a little browsing through  CNN just for kicks to look up this supposed "HIV transmission through deep kissing" incident.

Good grief.  Not even the article you are referencing makes any certain claim that transmission really occured that way.

EDITIED TO ADD:   Yes, I didn't even get all the way down to that ''call the police'' comment.  That's being utterly ridiculous, dude.


does my situation belong to bleeding gums?


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