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Was just wondering how risky it is? and has there been a case? i mean that has been 100% proven that oral  sexs one of ways trasmitting of the disease like unprotected sex?

Getting a blowjob is no risk, giving one is a minute risk, if the person you are giving the blowjob to is HIV positive. Oralsex with women zero risk.

Andy Velez:
In the entire history of the epidemic there's never been a documented case of transmission via receiving oral.

As far as giving oral to a man, there has been some anecdotal evidence of a few cases of transmission to the giver. Oral with ejaculation taking place orally is considered a higher risk although again, there have been very few cases noted, especially in light of how common an activity this is.

There is much more evidence via longterm studies of both gay and straight sero-discordant couples who used protection for vaginal & anal intercourse but no protection for mutual oral. The results have been that not a single sero-negative partner has become infected.

So it comes down to the individual having to decide what he/she feels comfortable with in terms of safety.   


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