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Hi Everyone

Well the big day has arrived at long last Zephyr and I met !! Yippee. She's such a wonderful person. These past 10 months of writing to one another has really bonded us. Having another 'soul mate' sis who is LTNP is really quite indescribable.
Today was great. Minh (bless his sweet heart) picked me up at my hotel and off we three went to the NIH. He knows his way around pretty well and took us right up to the clinic and then off he went to a full day of teaching. Zephyr and I caught up on stuff, talked to Dr's. had a basic blood draw and physical. Zephy had some other tests but she'll want to tell you all about it.
It's been such a lovely day with Zephie, ah.... Tonight Zeph, Minh and I are going to a Vietnamese restaurant.
Gotta go, dinner plans are ready to roll. I'll check in later. Tomarrow is the Big day of the apherisis and I'll see one of the main researchers.

Peace and Love


Thanks for the update Paul!  

(((((PAUL))))))   ((((((ZEPHYR))))))   ((((((MINH))))))

for you all![/size][/size][/size][/font][/color]

well that's eff-ed up!  Why didn't my special effects work?!!! >:(

Glad to hear it Paul....sounds very exciting.  I'm so pleased for you guys.  I can only imagine how
excited you are to finally meet Zephyr.  She seems like an incredible person and what a treat to
actually meet.  Wow! :)

Basque...You are a special effect :P

Good to read that things are going smooth, I can imagine that these are fine moments. Thks for sharing these special times with all. Hope you enjoyed your Vietnamese dinner,

Love and peace to you too,



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