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Hello World, Im Bradley -

I tested Positive on 09 Jan 07 and I wanted to ask around and see if anyone could give some advise besides what my doctors have told me. ( I am fairly certain that I was infected the last week of October 06 )

On 22 Nov 06 I had 3 days of cold and and sore throat symptoms. These went away and I logged them as just a small cold, which I have always managed to fight well. A few days after I noticed that I woke one morning with a headache and thought nothing of it. However,  I noticed that I would get it in the evening hours with increased frequency as days progressed. Within two weeks I was having constant headaches with the most intense throbbing  pain being when I woke up and evening hours. In addition to this I was waking up with soaking wet at night and carrying a fever.I was also having pain on my shins and on my arms which felt like someone had hit the bone with a hammer.  More fun things included a small spot on my back ( originally I though I had a insect bite) that became swollen and open and infected and sore throat. My face also started to have red blotchy spots on the right and left side. Not knowing the exact orgin of these issues nor wanting to initially face the music,  I tried for almost a month to deal with them, until finally I went to my doctor. on the first week of Jan.

He ran a complete blood work up on me and as expected it came out positive for HIV. Hep B, C was neg and all other checks looked A/OK.

With repsect to the above mentioned symptoms, my doctor put me on a cycle of Doxicyclin anti-biotic after the blood work and in the first two days of treatment all the above things seemed to improve , no fever, headache, sores began to heal and spots on face healed up, bone pain went away. (now all those issues are gone or healed)


Does anyone have any experience with any of the above?? As a team, my Dr. (GP ) and myself never came to a conclusion as to why I had all these issues at the same time .not sure if it was directly related to HIV or not. we did many blood test and found nothing. However, there was some talk of staf infection, but neither of us are 100% confident in that. Any thoughts ?

Additionally we ran two sets of Labs with in 2 weeks of eachother and my numbers were the following :

09 Jan 07 CD4 761 / VL 170,000

The lab screwed up and lost my first sample for VL so I went back they took more .. then they lost that and then found the original, so there was some question as the the accuracy of the VL numbers in the report , so we re-did the labs

Round 2 :

17 Jan 07 CD4 793 / VL 240,000

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or experience any of you might have with respect to numbers in this range.

My GP is sending me to a new ID doctor today and I will be taking the labs with me and hopefully plan a course of action with her. I had a consult with an ID doctor 3 weeks ago that my GP found for me, and to be frank, I did not like him as he was not personable and wanted to put me on meds before he even had my first labs back, so we did more research and found this new girl.

I understand that meds could highly likely be in the cards because of the VL numbers, but is there any chance these numbers are consistant with initial infection and the VL digits could come down. It is my understanding that my CD4 is quite good.

Very sorry for the long winded explination and questions, but anything anyone can add to either issue would be fantastic.

All the best !


Bradley, did your doctor do a confirmation test on your postive test? Such as a Western Blot?

 My first labs that im looking at say repeatedly reactive for HIV 1/2 Antibody screen, then below there is HIV 1 Western blot test that was done with positive result.

  Welcome to the forums.  Glad you're seeing a specialist.  You don't need to be on meds yet in all likelihood.  Good call on your part.  How do you feel?  All this new info flowing in and the diagnosis leaves people reeling sometimes.  You seem together, but feel free to vent/chat/growl if you need to.  I don't tackle specific medical questions - maybe you're symptoms were a conincidence of some sort.  Anyway, that's resolved it seems and the real work begins.  Good luck and again welcome.

It will take a while for your VL to settle. Your CD4 count is in the normal range 500-1700. You have to have a few blood tests to see where your VL will level out to. It is nothing to be worried about. As for all your other symptoms, don't ever get into the habit of thinking, "They are cause by HIV." Just because you are positive you can get everything else that anyone else could get or have. You can get a cold, the flu, fevers, heart problems and as you know the list goes on and on. Just don't view everything in the HIV window glass. If something isn't right, see your doctor. You don't have to go to your ID doctor and you may not even have one at this time. I use a GP for all my little stuff and the ID doc for HIV related matters. As time goes on, you'll understand better.


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