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On November 28, 2006, I had unprotected sex. Around December 23, 2006, I got sick. It started with a fever, then chest tightness. I havenít really been sick all year so I thought I was due for the flu. While searching online for symptoms of the flu, I ran across topics dealing with the flu-like symptoms of HIV. I was able to point out the few symptoms that I had and started to become really concerned. My ailment lasted for about a week and then I decided to get tested. On January 3, 2006, I was tested and got my results some time later. The doctor told me that I tested positive on the first test (ELISA), but negative on the second (Western Blot). They were really confused, as was I, and told me that they really couldnít tell what the problem was. They told me to come back in April to get retested. I am going crazy now and itís only February. After the test, I got back online and found all of this information about false-positive tests, and the fact that the first test could have picked up on something else, and many other similar topics.

I read that sometime after the initial exposure to HIV, flu-like symptoms occur and last for 1-2 weeks. I would like to know that if I was sick with the pre-symptoms of HIV wouldnít the test pick up on that infection. I was tested a couple of days after I got over being sick. Or, is it still to early to tell?  Do I really have to wait until April to find out?

First of all take a deep breath.  You did have an incident that will require testing.  You dont HAVE to wait till April.  By my count its been 9 weeks since your exposure.  A six week test is a fairly good indicator of what your status will be, there for 9 weeks would be as well.  You tested a HAIR to early in December and there is no need to wait till April if you so choose. Feb 27th or 28th will be about 13 weeks and will give you a conclusive result as to your status.

Hiv can be very hard to transmit.  We are here if you need us.  Dont rely on symptoms to self diagnose, take the test.  If you want to do it at home, Home Access is the only one approved by the FDA.

Good luck.

Edited to add.  The above advice is good if Nov 28th was your most RECENT exposure. 

lmnop, unprotected sex as in anal or vaginal?


By your first WB, your negative. You really took the test to early. Wait out your 13 week and have the WB redone. If it's negative then you are negative and your first test was a false positive. You only have 9 weeks to go. What would you do now that you couldn't wait the 9 weeks? There is nothing you can do. You aren't going to die and they aren't going to start you on medications. You could have prevented this by using a condom.


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