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Old Gel Capsule Kaletra vs New Tablet Kaletra?

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Hi Ya'll

Question. I have heard several people on the old kaletra (gel capsule) telling me that it use to cause them to get fat in all different parts of their bodies and other side effect which made Kaletra a nightmare. Supposely the newer tablet form is more tolerable with less side effects. Is this true? Is there anyone here who made the swtich from old to new?

I already answered this for you in your other thread about it:  Yes, there is no contest between the two.  I have used both.   The old gel cap sucks ass.  The new one rawks in comparison.

The old gel capsule has been replaced by the new tablet formulation.
As far as I know only the tablet and oral solution is available in the US now.

better or worse?  ???  it really depends on your body's ability to adapt

"One man's poison, another man's meat"

Read the article "Kaletra tablets better tolerated, patient survey finds"

 The new tablets are much easier Side effects are easier storage is easier the tabs are even a bit smaller so they're easier to take.........and although food always helps it's not an absolute must as with the gel-caps..i used to taste the gel caps all day.....damn maybe i should write a commercial for kaletra tablets.................later john

Thank guys.

As much as I trust my doctor and her knowledge of meds, it is alot different to hear if from people who are actually taking the meds.


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