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I have no idea how to "insert a quote". I have no idea why my pic doesn't show up next to my posts like yours do. I don't know why my email doesn't show up in my profile. I UNchecked the box that said to hide it My pic is not shown in my profile???
Anyway, my name is actually, Kelly. I have been positive since Oct. of 1990. I've had a stroke since then. 6 years ago. I am 43. I live at home now because I could no longer care for myself. I take about 4 different A.I.D.S. Meds and a few others for the stroke.
 My labs are pretty excellent considering....
My VL is undetectable and my CD4 are above 500, like 547.
I am more than likely posting in the wrong place. If so, I apologize. It took forever to find out how to just "create a new topic"!! :-\ I live in Florida by the beach and I am very happy I found this forum. I have been getting the AidsMeds newsletter for years.
                                           Grateful to be here,

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You are in the right place.  Well, that is if you mean to be in the nuthouse here with all us loonies.

   I am totally swamped this week, (except for very short replies)  but will have time on saturday to help you step by step if nobody can get to it before then :)

Thank you so much Dingoboi! I appreciate your response  :D I was beginning to think I was invisible here... LOL. This is the exact place I needed to be! With you all in the "nut house" :o
                    Thank you again,

Hi Kelly and welcome to the forums. There are a great bunch of people here. I didnt have any trouble setting up my profile but i dont know that much to try to help ya. Wish i did.

Again welcome to the forums


Hi Teresa,
Nice to meet you! There sure seem to be alot of very nice people here. I've remained alone with my thoughts about my status for so long. It's great to come here and hear people speaking openly about it. I am able to speak freely about my HIV, but since my stroke I don't get out much. My family doesn't mind my speaking about it, but nobody else has it. I feel like people here can totally understand me 8) I know it said that you aren't poz yourself but by going through this with your husband you know basically what it's like.
Glad to meet you, Angels4Kelly ;D


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