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On or about December 20th I had unprotected anal sex with another man. (obviously I'm gay) On January 14th he called to tell me that he had tested HIV POZ. On Jan 22 (so two days shy of 5 weeks) I went into the Aids Foundation for a test. They use the Oraquick Advance.

The counselor informed me that my test was positive, but that he'd never seen such a faint line, infact they had to reach a consensus that the line was even there. One other counselor could not see it, but one could, so it was two to one yes. He showed me the test and I could not see the line.

I then asked for and received a second test, (same lot number). The second test was negative, no one could see the line. A few days later (Jan 25) I collected a blood sample and sent it to Home Access. That came back negative.

At this point I somewhat think that the first test meant nothing. But I can't help shaking the fear that in fact the first test did pick up something, but because I'm early in the window with perhaps very few antibodies, the second and third test did not. Is this possibly correct thinking or should I have confidence in the second and third test and conclude that the counselors were just seeing something because I fell into a "high risk" category? And obviously I intend to test again next week at six weeks.

I guess I should include that I was the insertive partner. Are there any statistics regarding the odds of contracting HIV after just one episode of insertive anal sex with a partner known to be HIV +?

Quit guessing at the tests and test at the 13th week past possible exposure. Oh, by the way, where was the condom? You know better.

In regards to your question, there are no odds.  It can happen the first time or it may not happen till the 10,000th time!  Your going to have to sit tight and wait out the window period.  13 weeks will be the ONLY way you know for sure.

thanks, it's just not what I asked.  I'm more concerned about the reliability of the first test (which was marginally reactive) when two additional test were negative.  Can the first test just be disregarded?

sldude, that's the purpose of retesting. You are disregarding your other tests. You took the others to early to begin with. 


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