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Welcome back to the new digs Jim.

I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this, But anyone that is into massaging a strangers’ feet, well I wouldn’t want to shake hands with him or her.

Now I know some people have foot fetishes, I'm just not one of them. I do my own as well as any other part of this old bod that need attention now and then Maybe a little too much in some areas.  >:(


Terry, I think it's just the way they make a living; but won't get any tax dollars form me, LOL!  Leave my feet alone!  A trick wants to mess with my feet, well, it's scarey...don't really like massages of any kind anyway, not a touchy feely person.

Andy Velez:
Welcome back, you errant guy! Missed you and it's good to hear from you again.

Hiya Jimbo,
Glad to see ya made it back. Don't even mention drinking too much. I got my swerve on last nite, woke up too nauseated to take my drugs for a bit, and have been squirting my a** off. Ugh! I gotta learn to leave the damn Richard's alone!
I wouldn't want anybody messing with my feet either. After thiry years of nursing, I can put up with every portion of the human body, but I have seen some really nasty feet in my time. I'd rather be puked on, than have to deal with tootsies. LOL
I'm really glad you came back to us. I've always really liked you. Mainly because I'm a fairly crusty old coot like you. :o ;D
This Bud's for you! :P

Welcome back, Jim........Fishernish..hmm?  Is that an Amish guy who eats fish? :P
Just kiddin......Take it easy on the sauce, good buddy.  It usually creates more problems
than it solves.  I should know...I use to drink like a fish :o


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