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Hey Jim!

Welcome back mister!  Always good hearing from you!!  I've missed your quick wit and repartee.



Aw, shucks.   I'm glad you're back too.  Lately you've been gone too long, too many times.  I need you to come knock some sense into me.


Thaks guys, guess I needed some attention, LOL.
Ann, yes the lizards were supposed to be temp, but you know how that goes, and they are getting huge and of course green iguanas only eat fresh veggies, I should eat so many veggies(but actully having fresh veggies in the house, I am eating more, so that's a good thing).  They get what's on sale at the grocery.  It's just cleaning their cage I have to be really careful about, they are nasty as birds, rabbits and guinne(sp) pigs; but I have lots of latex cloves and soap and water.  Soap and water and keeping your hands away from your face works with animals as well as colds and flu...And can't handle them much cause they have serious finger nails, have to wear heavy gloves and clothing.  They are more managable when cold,  like all reptiles; once they warm up under the UV lamps, I don't mess with them.

Good to see you back Jim.

Nice to meet you Krakerjim...Im Teresa and only been here a little over a month.
You seem like a really interesting guy and i bet im going to enjoy reading your posts.



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