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seems I no longer am in the data base with the changes, so I am now krakerjm(crackerjim); have been a bad boy, depressed and drinking too much, 'bout over it now.  got to figure out all this NEW stuff, LOL! Not good with changes, too many already in my life...I'll be back

Ok, back.  funny story:  my poz health care nurse and case worker were here, we discussed many things while they renewed my paper work.  PN came up; I was asked if I ever had massage therapy, I said what!?(I'm invisioning a hunky man working me over), and laughed.  Yes, I was told, since you have PN you can have someone come to your home and massage your feet.  I laughed out loud. First of all with all the strange unexplainable things that go on with my feet, I don't want anyone touching them; secondly, I am not into foot fetish, lol; I told them thanks but no thanks I can massage my own feet and do it regularly.
Now get this: need new glasses, dental work, and they want someone to massage my feet! LOL!  I love the system, doesn't get any better than this ;) ???  Amazing...

Peter B:
Hey Jim, good to see you back!   Sounds like you have the angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other like me.... I been indulging in a ton of beer lately, but mostly only on the weekends when watching sport and braaing with friends so i guess thats OK..... except for the number of beers that go down the hatch!!

Peter B

welcome back :)

to explain about the user id handles.... none of them carried over to the new forums (this was intentional as the two forums weren't readily compatible.... so EVERYBODY had to re-register in the new forums... many people kept the same names but quite a few picked new ones too :)

Beer drinker myself especially living in Florida; just always had a tendency to over do whether the grill was fired up or not, lol.
Fiskernish was a combonation or pet names(cats)...krakerjm is a term of enderment given to me by black friends years ago; them calling me cracker jim was acceptance cause I accepted them and we understood things(won't go back to that time).  Being born and raised in the south being called a 'cracker' was not always a good thing, but at the place and time, it was to me and I have never forgotten...


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