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high blood pressure the result of PI regime? suggestions?

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Hi All,
Is anyone registering high blood pressure as a direct result of NNRTI or PI based HAART?
My fiance, with HIV since 1983, on a recent new HAART switch regime: (Reyataz, Combivir, Norvir for two months) from Sustiva and Combivir, (two years) has been registering high blood pressure for a few months now. He does take medication for asthma, and infuses with Factor 8 products for Hemophilia.  We are aware that all of these medications can cause high blood presuure, let alone the daily stress of our particular lives with these challenges.
We're working on improving this particular aspect of health right now, and wonder if others are experiencing high blood pressure relief from additional health lifestyle measures or blood pressure medications that will work with Reyataz/Combivir/Combivir?
Thank you for your help, and best health to you!

Your hubby's blood pressure is less to be related directly to his current combo than his age, body mass index and stuff like smoking. 

Increased blood pressure does happen though for people on combo long-term, sometimes realted to diabetes and changes in (lipids) blood fats, which can be causes by some combos, and also by having HIV long-term perhaps.  No-one is quite sure....  Reyataz is the most favourable PI re: blood pressure increases etc (chances are 5 x less likely than Kaletra, for example), and generally good on lipids.  Sustiva, however, raises triglycerides, and these might take a while to drop after a switch.

- matt

what meds is your other half on for asthma?? I know flovent and reyataz have a med interaction that will raise the blood pressure.I was on that when i wnet to a PI based regimen and had to stop the flovent.

Hey akcol,

I've been on PI therapy for 5 years now and never have had a problem with high blood pressure.  In fact, I have extremely low blood pressure (get dizzy if I stand up too quickly and crap like that). The PIs did screw up my hdl, ldl and tryglicerides till I switched Kaletra for Atazanavir.  Fish oils can help but not sure about the BP.  Diet, exercise, smoking and other "lifestyle" choices may be more of a factor as Matt had previously mentioned. 

Sorry, I wish I could be of more help.



re; asthma

during the time i was on reyataz the doc thought it fine to give me an Rx for


it's a fast acting inhaler a.k.a. bronchodialator


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