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hopefully it is not possible

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to make a long story short i went home with a guy a week ago of undisclosed HIV status.  it was a one night stand sort of a thing.  we did not necessarily have intercourse but we did rub against each other with our clothes off.  he fingered me and wanted to have intercourse but i said no because we had no condoms.  we did hold each other close and he ejaculated on my groin area and my leg (without penetration).  we did not shower afterwards.  we slept til the morn.  i regret that i might have put myself at risk.  might i have HIV from this moment?

NO, you were never at risk. Please read the "Welcome" thread and follow the link to transmission.

but his semen was all over my private area.  could the virus not crawl up if it was near my vagina?

No, the virus could not crawl up into your vagina and infect you that way.  The virus doesn't have a diabolical plan in mind to make its way into your body.  It can only travel by means of direct body fluid tansmission...within the body.  It doesn't soak through skin to infect, and it certainly doesn't make a pilgrimage for that purpose.

Andy Velez:
Kathy, you were not at risk for HIV transmission during this recent incident.

But, this epidemic is going to be aorund for a longtime to come. No one can afford to be ignorant of the real means of transmission. Please read the lessons on transmission and testing on this site. You'll get all the basics there. There's a link to them in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

By getting that information down and following safer sex guidelines consistently you can protect your health, enjoy yourself sexually and be spared the kind of unnecessary worry you have been experiencing.

Unprotected intercourse is the major risk for transmission. Everything else is more risky theoretically than in actuality. But read the lessons and get the whole deal.

This time out there's no cause for concern.



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