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OK Long story.... About 2 years ago, I started donating Plasma to a blood center. Over that time I donated around 10-12 times without any problems.  In 09/05 they stated that one of my donations came back + for HIV. My last risky encounter had been 7-8 years earlier. I had been tested a few times without problems. That same day I went to a local health clinic and took the Rapid test and tested neg. I went to my doctor a week later and took a blood test that came back neg. as well. My doctor said there was nothing to worry about. Starting in July of 2006 I got a sinus infection that would not go away. Along with the sinus issue I have picked up several other medical problems. I have lost around 20 lbs, I am very fatigued, severe joint pain, lost muscle mass in my arms and legs, hand numbness, enlarged glands all over, and blurred vision. I have been to the doctor several times with no answers. I tested twice again in Aug. for HIV and both came back neg. again. I have also tested for other things like Mono, Lyme Disease , allergy testing ect. but everything comes back normal. I am worried these issues are HIV related. Any other test or suggestions that I should look for??? I have put the weight back on but my forearms and hands are still skinny and my rear end hurts to sit down.  (Lipodystrophy?)  Still have on and off again hand numbness and vision issues.

First off I would venture to say the Dr's are correct on this one.   And false positives are not uncommon. But what HIV tests did they give you?  The symptoms mean nothing in general and cannot be used to diagnose HIV status. 

That many negative tests. You don't have an HIV concern. I don't know what you are calling risky or how you answered the questionair, but all I can tell you is that you are negative.

1st. Test Ora Quick at local health clinic Sept 05
2nd.HIV-1 AB Screen (Elissa) Sept 05
3rd. HIV-1 AB Screen (Elissa) Aug 06
4th HIV 1 Antibody EIA at City Health Clinic July 06

Now what are you calling risky?


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