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should i get tested?????

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I was helping my friend who has aids build a hutch for his pet rabbits.  when we finished and my friend was placing one of the rabbits in it became startled and scratched him drawing blood.  i quickly picked up the rabbit and it scratched me too drawing only a small amount of blood.  at first i was not concerned because i know the usual ways that hiv can be transmitted but a friend of mine says that i should be concerned.  should i?  am i at risk?

Read the Transmission Lessons in the welcome thread.  AIDS by Bunny is not one of the ways it happens.  You are in the clear I would say.

Andy Velez:
An accident such as you have described is not unusual. Such things happen with pets, tools and in all sorts of everyday events. There's never been a case of transmission in such a manner and you are not going to make history by becoming the first.

As AC suggested, read the lesson on transmission. (The link is in the Welcome thread which opens this section). This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come. You need to catch up on the real risks for HIV transmission. There are probably more people in your life with HIV than you imagine. We're all living with HIV and you need to learn about what is really risky instead of what is just rumored to be a risk.

This time out there's no cause for concern in relation to the rabbit.

thank you so much guys. 

Andy Velez:
You're welcome.


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