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Tooting my horn

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yoohoo...good for you Jonathan.  You are a great writer, so well, write damnit and be proud of it and toot it all you can/want.  I enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing more, (especially the dirty monkey sex write-up...oh did I say that out loud).  :-*


Hope to get to read more of what you write soon!


I am so glad you found another avenue for your impecible talents.  Somehow, I miss "JKINATL 2" when he is in one of his "blank" times, and this shows that you/he are still sharp, still awake, and still very much a talented wordsmith.

Thank you Jonathan, and I think POZ magazine is very lucky to have you as a contributor.

In Love and Appreciation....

Yea Jonathan!   Congratulations.   :-*

I always knew you would be a great tooter. ;D
Well done Mr. K.
I especially liked the part about the condom for the kung pao. :D


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