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In search of calm...

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This Saturday evening, I am trundling off to Hever Castle in kent to watch/listen to/be calmed by the beautiful music of Bliss...
for those of you not familiar with them, you can listen to tracks from their most recent album  here:

I'm not normally a great fan of new age stuff, but i'm really looking forward to this know how sometimes, you just feel like you need to get some balance back?



Seriously, I really like that music. Thanks for introducing me to it :)

Andy Velez:
Thanks for that, Kate. Planning to buy the CD now.

And if I was going to hear them live, I would want them to provide either a cot or hammock and blanket for nodding off into dreamland.

It's hypnotic.


Anytime....tho abit different it brings me back memories of Clannad (the group Enya used to sing with)

I find their music very healing...last time I saw them, I was really struck by what a beautiful energy they have.  Made me think deeply about what kind of energy I put out there, and how it affects the people around me.

glad you liked it!



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