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Completely Freaked, Andy and Ann, please help

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I am married and have a baby on the way. So your answer to my question is very important to me and I appreciate your time. I do not want to have unprotected sex with my wife until I am in the clear. The only thing I have done wrong is below:

I went to a massage parlor on Saturday Night. Everything was normal until the girl flipped me over and took my towel off so I was completely exposed. I was a bit in shock and I don't know why I didn't put the towel back on immediatly, but

she grabbed a bottle of rubbing oil and may have put the same hand that was on the bottle on my penis for maybe not even 10 sec.

I immediately pushed her hand aside and told her that I was married and that wouldn't be necessary.

She put the towel back on and I got dressed.

She had said that I was her 9th customer today. What I am worried about is if there was sperm on the bottle from one of the prior customers' sperm was on the bottle and she touched the bottle with the SAME HAND that she touched me, could I have gotten infected with HIV. I know that it can't get in unless she touched my urethera, but I am not sure when she touched me for 10 SEC if she touched my urethera with the same hand.


A. It was at least 30 minutes between the last customer and when she touched me. Would that be enough time to make the HIV inactive if sperm was sitting on the bottle for 30 minutes before she touched it?
B. If there was oil or lotion on the outside of the bottle, would this have made the virus last longer and able to infect, longer than 30 minutes?
C. Would her touching my urethra for 10 SEC inadvertently with the same hand that she touched the bottle be enough time to infect me with HIV?
D. Could I have gotten infected with HIV in the situation described?
E. Do I need to spend $180 and test over this incident as I have no other risks?
F. What is the chance? 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Thank you experts!

OMG, I hate to laugh, but you got to be kidding me.   What do you do when at a resterant and they touch your hamburger and all the stuff before you eat it?

Seriously dude, you have NOTHING to worry about.   Zero chance of anything!   

Andy Velez:
Chip, how about taking a nice deep and slow breath in right now. Let it out and take another one. No kidding.

You weren't in any way at risk for HIV transmission in the incident you are concerned about. You don't need to get tested. You can continue to have unprotected intercourse with your wife.

I suspect you may have some shame about having found yourself in that situation. Do everyone concerned -- yourself, your wife and your coming baby -- take another breath-- and let this thing go.

Absolutely no cause for concern. HIV is a fragile virus which cannot be easily transmitted and certainly not in any of the ways you are concerned about.

Get on with your life. Really.

Ann, do you agree with Andy on this?  You both seem very knowlegeable and it would really help me to sleep better at night with both of your opirions.

I am just concerned about the possible transmission to wife and baby and the possible sperm on the bottle.

Sorry to be asking you too Ann and I mean no disrespect to Andy, it would just help me with your opinion as well Ann.

Are we sure on this?

You don't get infected from environmental surfaces. So no, she couldn't have transfer infected sperm to your penis from a bottle of lube.


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