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Side effect - constipation

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Happily I am like clock work every morning and that's it, done.  If you are getting 'impacted' there may be another cause other than HIV or meds.  Before I had  back surgery, I had serious problems and nothing worked, metamucil(a Walgreens generic brand helped some with massive doses).  But mine was caused from pressure on the nerves in that area not allowing them to funtion properly: since disk surgery, no problem.  Not suggesting you have a slipped disk, you would know from the pain if so; just thinking maybe some tests are in order to determine the cause.

P.S there is one old time remedy that should work; drink epson salts in water, directions are on the package.  If that don't work, don't know what caustions you not to do this on a regular basis.  It works like a backwards enama, drawing water from your system and pushing it thru your intestines, to put it simply.


Na, I have not exploded yet but as days pass I tend to eat les and less: just don't get hungry like I use to.  If I did .... who KNOWS what would happen to me!!  I've tried the high fiber, metamucil, mineral oil, olive oil, nuttin' seems to work.  Brocolli helps but I can't eat it every day for every meal...I'd just wretch at the though and I love brocolli!  I know my doctor will order the scope if he feels it's warranted.  I don't have any abdominal pain except once in a while if it's been a really long time and I don't seem to ahve any other "symptoms" of anything so I'm not too worried, yet.



What a crappy subject! I have found that good old fashion prune juice helps along with a large bowl of shredded wheat at night. Daily exercise helps allot as I tend to drink much more water, which also helps. Good Luck!


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 :D  :D  :D at least the advice ain't crap (it's to crap ... or not to crap ... that is the question)  :D  :D  :D


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