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Worried about late seroconversion / rare type of HIV


About one year ago, I had what started to be protected sex with sex worker.  During the encounter, the condom came off.  There was blood present, not sure from what, but she told me her period started early.  About one week after this incident, I had flu like symptoms, chills, fever, fatigue.  I was worried about an STD go i started a course of antibiotics with in a few days after the encounter. I went to the doctor, at 2 week after the incident, took all the STD tests.  Everything tested fine, including HIV (not sure what kind of HIV test it was).  Over the next 10 weeks, I continue to have symptoms primarily stomach related.  At twelve weeks, I took another HIV test, negative.  Now for the next 8 weeks, I developed sinus problems and had dry mouth.  I also started getting these recurring ulcer on my tongue.  At 20 weeks, I hook another HIV test, it was negative.  Now at this point, I feel like have a been cleared on everything we know about.  I resume have relations with my spouse.  The sinus problems and the tongue ulcers continue, my doctor chalks up the sinus problems to allergies and the tongue ulcers to stress.   

I go to the allergy doctors to get checked, I do not test allergic to anything, so I get a vasmotor rhithnis diagnosis.  Now it has been 7 months after the encounter and the sinus problems are still with me and the tongue ulcer and dry mouth persist.  I ask my doctor to give me a test that looks for the virus.  He does a PCR and here were the results:
HIV Viral Load <75 cpy/mL    ( -< 75)
Log10 RNA <1.88

CD4 (ABS) 856 /uL             ( 446 - 1721)
CD8 (ABS) 426 /uL             ( 167 - 989)
CD3 (ABS) 1288 /uL           ( 761 - 2553)
Help/Supp Ratio 2.01          ( 0.74 - 5.30)
CD4% 45 %                      ( 30 - 60)
CD8% 23 %                      ( 11 - 37)

Now at this point I feel there is no way I can have HIV.  Now it has been 5 months since my PCR test, one year since the encounter.  My tongue ulcer and sinus problems are getting worst.  I am also starting to have problems with my bowels.

Are there strains of HIV that I should get tested for specifically?  HIV - 2?  I would think based on all my tests that even if I had HIV 2 or a rare form it would have shown up somewhere.


Forget about HIV 2, forget about the symptoms, you are conclusively HIV NEGATIVE. If you have problems dealing with a negative result please, consult a mental health professional to help you with your worries.

Andy Velez:
Rod's absolutely spot on about this. You ARE HIV negative. Period. End of story.

Tell your mind to give it a rest. If you have symptoms you are concerned about discuss them with your doctor.

This is not an HIV situation.

Keep those condoms handy and make sure you use one everytime you have intercourse. No exceptions. They do the job whether you're with a professional or a civilian.

Rod and Andy,
Thanks for the reply.    I will followup with my doctor to find the cause of my current symptoms.

Andy Velez:
Good deal! And good luck with getting the issue resolved successfully.


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