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I was informed my cholesterol was high this past Monday...271 (good=34, bad=161) My Dr. started me on Lipitor(10mg). I forgot to ask him about diet. Could anyone please advise me on good foods and some foods to avoid? Thanks allot...hope everyone is doing well!...Jeff

Hi Jeff, some meds raise cholesterol, (tho viramume raises the good fat) One can reduce the bad cholesterol dramatically by diet and excersise. I dont know your eating and excersise habits, but foods to watch out our fast foods  chains where they use cholesterol high prepearations in their fries and meats, Animal fats that is Cheeses, full creamed Milks,butter, Egg yellow, fat that comes in meat (if you cook your self get lean cuts and remove chicken skin). There is hidden bad cholesterol(hydrogenated) in many types of Buscuits/cookies and pastries preparations. 

How ever you do not have to starve :). Besidesgood lean meat There is a wide range of very low cheese spread, bread, ALL fruits and veg (dried and fresh) (inluding tomatoe spreads and paste, and also fish is choleterol free. Most veg oils (cold not heated) are ok to add on salads, skimmed milk, and egg whites + beans and bean preparations,and pasta. One can add lots of herbs too for taste and apparantly believed help liver funcion like mint, rosemary, camomille and so on.

One food that is proven to lower cholesterol is Oats which you can easily find and its not too expensive. A glass of red wine a day is also found to be benefial.

Hope it helps,


hey Jeff,

I agree with Mark.
Try this link for a whole bunch of stuff about how to lower your cholesterol levels.

and here is a simple dietary chart which should help:

Soluble fibre is good (hence the oatmeal) so also try Metamucil (I think you have that in the states), and be active and exercise. even a half hour walk each day will help.

all the best


hi jeff,

another site you might want to take a look at - they have a free email support/advice program, as well as some really useful practical tips...

if you feel you need some advice tailored to your particular lifestyle or circumstances, your doctor should be able to arrange for you to see a dietician/nutritionist/nurse specialist too...


Hello Jeff,

 I had never had a problem with cholesterol, until I started on meds. Mine was as high as 287, back in June of 04. It was then, that the doctor had decided medication was necessary.

 I am on 20mgs Zocor. On my last blood test on 5/16/06. Total cholesterol was 212 HDL (good chol. was 49, and LDL (bad chol.,was 104). I have got to admit that I have done experimenting, trying differant things to get the cholesterol done. I currently take the Zocor 5 days on, two days off.

I have become, much more aware of food labels these days. Particularly watching out, for the trans-fatty acids, and trying to avoid them as much as possible. I basically try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and try to stay away from the high cholesterol foods. You may try fish oil supplements, and see if that may help. I also try to eat more fish. But a good burger or steak is hard to resist !! Supposedly oatmeal, is good at lowering cholesterol, but I can't stand the stuff. Some cereal's are also making claims...

Do you smoke ? If so, this can elevate cholesterol. I don't smoke, so that is not playing a factor on me, I also don't drink alchohol, except on special occasions.. ( When I wake up, thats the best, I am going to feel all day :P  )

I am sure, I could probably get the cholesterol down further, If I got off my butt, and exercised more. I am just not that physically active anymore.

I don't know, what else to tell you. There are plenty of web-sites out there, that give all kinds of tips, on how to lower cholesterol, I have probably been to everyone of them, looking for answers, and trying differant things. My doctor seems somewhat sastified, if I can keep the bad cholesterol down below 100. Considering the meds my age,(54) the  years of infection, and as I mentioned lack of exercise, that will be a real effort for me. So, if anyone else has suggestions, I would like to hear them also.

My cholesterol is checked, every 3 months.

Take Care Jeff---------------Ray


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