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I'm new and here's my story.

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Shawn Decker:
Hey Funk,

As mentioned above, it's important to process the information before opening that up to outside drama, which is inherent in telling loved ones.  A support group could help, but getting info and reaching out on here is a great start.  And, as far as I'm concerned, the healthiest thing you can do is connect with others who have shared the concerns you are now going through.

Oh, and your life is not over.  Not by a longshot.  :)

Hey Funkaholic....  You've been given some really good suggestions by others here so let me just say
WELCOME.  As Cliff said...You are not alone!  It will take time for this news to sink in.  There are many
aspects to our little bug and it takes time to absorb most of it.  I, too, am glad you found your way here
and that here you can find information and the much needed support we all need.  Take a deep breath
and then learn as much as about HIV as you can....You mentioned an Aids Center.  Go........when you're
comfortable.  Life throws a lot of difficult challenges our way sometimes but just remember to keep your
head up and your spirits high.  Looking forward to reading your post. :)


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